Subscribing to The Phoenix

When you subscribe to The Phoenix, as well as being posted a copy of the magazine every two weeks, you will also be able to access the issue as a Downloadable PDF. This will allow eager readers to get the inside stories even earlier and also to access the archive of back issues of The Phoenix - all for just €89 (Ireland only).

Overseas subscribers also have the option of ordering a PDF subscription (€89) which will allow access to The Phoenix as a PDF but subscribers will not receive a copy of the magazine in the post. This subscription allows overseas subscribers the option of far cheaper access to Goldhawk's treasure trove. Alternatively, you can order a Print and PDF subscription. (UK: €99; Europe (airmail): €99; Elsewhere (airmail): €125).

To order a subscription, please click on "Purchase Subscription" button.

Gift Subscriptions

It is now possible to order a gift subscription to The Phoenix (either 'Print and PDF' or 'Downloadable PDF') from this website. Please click "Purchase Gift Subscription" button.